Friday, September 14, 2007

By Popular Demand

11 Weeks Ago....

Today, Sept 14..17 weeks and 5 days

I had to put up the first picture to prove to some of you that I am actually growing. Thought we needed a comparison. My belly has grown so much in the last week alone! And this past Monday I felt the baby move for the first time! Ever since, it has been an active little thing! I mostly feel it first thing in the morning or at night when I'm really relaxed on the couch or in bed. It is the most wonderful, crazy, miraculous thing to feel! Matt thinks he might have felt it once...not sure when it will be big enough and kicking hard enough to know for sure. Hopefully soon so Matt can enjoy this as much as I do.

We find out this coming Thursday, Sept. 2o, if we are having a boy or girl! So here are the poll results...and your last chance to change your mind. I've actually changed mine! I thought it was a boy in the beginning..but now, everything in me says girl. I don't know why..but I have this really strong feeling its a little Kinley in there! Looks like thats the most popular vote as of now:

Poll Results:

Girl: 9

Boy: 3

These are just the "official" results from the blog poll. We've had numerous people just tell us they think its a girl..and only two other people said boy. Allen & Key... and I think that was just so Matt would have someone on his side :)

Its been a while since we've done the poll and I know a few of you had to have changed your mind like I if you have, let us know!


  1. I've been waiting for this post and a pic of that precious belly.

    Girlfriend, that baby is growin' and a showin'.

    My vote is still girl. I'm even going to go as far as saying she is going to have the most gorgeous brown eyes I've ever seen too!

    Thanks for the update. I will be a 'And then there were 3' blog nazi stalker on the 20th....that is if I don't get a phone call first...ha!

    Love you!

  2. Yay! I've been wanting to see your tummy for weeks! You are super cute. Can't wait to hear whether it's pink or blue. Either way, you'll love it more than life!
    Love you!

  3. You look so cute! I think it's a girl, too, have thought that from the beginning! And congrats on your house! I am so happy for you guys...blessings all around! I love you and miss you so much!

  4. Yay 17 weeks and KICKS! Aren't they so cool?!?
    I can't decide on what to vote for and I have my reasons...mainly because I've never ACTUALLY met you:) (but you's a sista in Jesus! Amen?)

    I think BOY because- you don't look like you're carrying very high. I'm not carrying high and the doc thinks mine's a boy.

    I think GIRL because- the kicks you feel are gentler than what I've been feeling lately. I swear I've got a soccer player in me...Anthony could even feel the kicks at 16 weeks! He TOTALLY distracted me in worship service this morning:)

    So, I can only go by comparison...either way it's a BABY! YOUR BABY! Woohoo!

    I go in on the 26th for our next ultrasound...have so much fun Thursday hearing "It's a ....!" (and subsequently have fun FINALLY getting to pick out stuff for nursery and buy a couple outfits in the right color!)


  5. Wow! Look at you grow! I just saw you last weekend and your baby has already grown so much. AMAZING!! I still do not have a strong feeling either way on the boy/girl poll. The only thing I know is everytime I am looking at baby stuff for you I am looking at girl stuff, so I think deep down I am saying girl. I can't wait to know, so I know you can't wait even more! Love you sis!! -Leigh Ann

  6. Nina says GIRL- I felt that way from the beginning. But of course, It doesn't really matter either way I plan on spoiling it. So, Thursday if you see me I will either be wearing a pink shirt or a blue one.
    Love my baby girl and her momma!

  7. Hey Laura thanks for checking out our blog again...I REALLY needed a preggo friend to say "Isn't it fun?!" you were an answer to prayer whether you knew it or not! THANKS!

    Yes, we ARE finding out what it is... I think hearing "It's a ____!" is just as fun at an ultrasound appointment as it would be in the delivery room...and it gives more time to prepare.

    They do ultrasounds nearly every appointment here (This will be my 3rd appt and my 3rd u/s next week). At our 12 weeks appointment the 'goods' between baby Rivers legs were pretty apparent but our doctor said she wouldn't CONFIRM that it was a boy until our 19/20 weeks appt. But we've since been calling him "Isaac" and "him" so we really hope it's an Isaac in there now! (Although girl clothes are WAY more fun to buy!)

    Have SO much fun at your appointment tomorrow...I really am so excited for you and can't wait to see the blogpost on it! I pray all is healthy and wonderful with your little girl or boy:)


  8. Hey lady! Yes, I am SO GLAD that we've been able to keep in touch. I heart blogs! PLEASE invite me. My address is
    9500 West Road # 1501
    Houston, TX 77064
    Love ya!

  9. I love that belly!! And I love that BABY...I am so glad that you're having a ________--I can't say-I'll let you be the first to post it!! I better just stop right now b/c I want to say stuff about "he/she" know that we know! Loving that baby!

    The Apels


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