Thursday, June 21, 2012


As a mother of all boys, I knew there would be things "boy related" that I would not understand. Like their natural instinct to think its funny to poot, burp, throw bugs on girls, etc. Its crazy how they are just born knowing those things. But what I was not prepared for was a little boy bathroom.

As the title of this post claims, I am speechless when it comes to how disgusting it gets. First off, they never flush. So what little pee does make it into the toilet just sits there until I happen to come in and flush it. But HOW IN THE WORLD does it end up on the floor, the cabinet, inside the bathtub, down the side of the toilet.....I could go on. It blows my mind. I typically clean the bathrooms once a week. But I have to clean their bathroom MULTIPLE times a week in order to prevent a horrible stench from creeping down the hallway.

I don't understand it. I've tried to explain to them over and over and over to take their time. Make sure it all goes into the toilet. Not to play around while going. And to flush. I guess it still has not sunk in. I guess its good that they like to help me clean because I give them rags and make them scrub all around that potty and they seem to think its fun. In a couple of years I'll have three...THREE..little guys in there spraying everything floor to ceiling.

Oh, and have I mentioned that their bathroom also serves as the guest bath??? What better way to practice hospitality and treating your guests as family than by having them bathe in your children's urine as they use the restroom ;)

**I should probably note that I am probably exaggerating on how bad this is. It just FEELS that way to me since I am constantly on my hands and knees scrubbing with Clorox Cleanup.**


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