Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Potty Training: Day 1

We are taking a second stab at potty training Brody. We attempted last May and it was..well..lets just say it didn't work out. We decided he just wasn't ready, and we thought there was a chance his leg condition may have been affecting it as well. So we waited until yesterday to start again.

We are doing the 3 day method with a couple of modifications. Leigh Ann loaned us some potty books to read to him and we got him syked up for it last week by reading one every day. His favorites are "Too Big for Diapers" with Ernie and "Diapers are Not Forever." We talked about it on Sunday night and yesterday morning he was excited when he got up and remembered it was the day for underwear and no more diapers.

All in all, yesterday was a great day. I think he really understands what we are trying to accomplish and seems willing to see it through this time. He only had 2 accidents all day. A few times his underwear were slightly damp and when we noticed, he would run to the potty and finish. It seems like when that happens he is realizing its happening and is catching it before it becomes an accident. So I'm really proud of him for that.

There were a couple of times early on yesterday that he said he was all done with the underwear and wanted to go back into diapers like Carson. But after explaining that Carson is still a baby and Brody is a big boy, he decided he wanted to stay in big boy underwear. We also moved all the diapers and wipes into Carson's room and are only changing him in there, out of Brody's sight. 

One major modification we are doing (that the 3 day method does not support) is that we are using pull ups at nap time and bedtime. The first go round we did underwear at sleep times, and although I understand the reason why, it was just too much for me to handle. He was never taking good naps because he'd wake up covered in pee or worse. And the same at night. It was miserable for all of us and it about made me lose my mind. So this time, that just wasn't an option for me. Between morning sickness (oh, I guess we need to blog about that announcement!) and raising 2 toddlers, I just couldn't add that stress. We explain to him that these are his nightime/naptime underwear and to try to keep them dry and to still tell us if he needs to go potty. When he woke up this morning, it seemed  he only wet once in the pull up.

So far, day 1 yesterday was fairly easy. I'm not getting my hopes up that we've got this thing in the bag. Day 1 last time went pretty good as well. But I feel like this time is different. He is more mature and definitely more willing this time. We still don't know if his condition has any affect on the training. His legs seem stronger than they were last May, so maybe the other muscles have developed more as well which may be helping him get it this time. I'll wait until tomorrow to do a post on how today is going. I should wait to see how things play out after nap time before I get too excited :)


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