Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Want to be Normal Again...and My Valentine's Day Gifts

The last few weeks have been..ehh...well let's just say they've been pretty rough. We never did an official announcement on the blog about my pregnancy. Everyone that reads this blog probably already knows anyways. Plus, I'll just now be 9 weeks tomorrow so it seemed a little early to be making announcements. But anyways, if you didn't know, now you do. I'm due September 22.

My first 2 pregnancies were brutal and this one is turning out to be the same..maybe worse. The term morning sickness makes me laugh. I have all day sickness. Pretty much from the moment my head lifts from the pillow in the morning to the time it lays down again at night I feel sick. Some days I throw up constantly, others I just feel that I could at any second and nothing happens and I get no relief.

I take a high powered anti-nausea medicine and eat all day to ward off the nausea. Probably not a good thing since I will probably feel like a whale at the end if I have to keep eating a lot! I take my pre-natal vitamins at night. I do almost anything possible to feel better, and it just never leaves.

This post isn't to complain or make you feel sorry for me. But more to make you feel sorry for my husband and kids haha! I feel horrible that my house is a disaster most days. I don't cook hardly at all. My kids eat pb&j almost everyday for lunch. Matt goes into work a little late every day so that he can help me get the kids up and fed in the mornings. Yesterday morning, Valentine's Day, instead of waking up to homemade cards and breakfast in bed, he got to deal with "Daddy, I'm done pooping on the potty", Carson crying in his bed with 102 fever and his nose plastered with snot, and the sounds of me puking in the other bathroom. Very, very romantic. But despite it all, he has been such a trooper. So supportive and helpful through it all. And I know he'll do the same for the next, oh, like 7 months.

I had planned to cook us dinner for Valentine's Day. I thought it was the least I could do for my honey to show him how much I appreciate and love him. Well, even that fell through yesterday. So Matt picked up dinner and a movie and a few Valentine's Day surprises for me. We don't really do Valentine's gifts so I was shocked when he said he had something for me. I have to say, they were probably the most thoughtful Valentine's gifts of the century. I bet no one got better gifts than me :) Just look...

My doctor suggested trying vitamin B-6 to help with the nausea. 

These are Sea Bands, used to prevent nausea due to motion sickness. Mine are a little different and the package even said morning sickness. 

And last, but definitely not least....
Oreos fix everything :)

I'm ready to feel normal again. We are praying that this doesn't last the entire pregnancy like it did with the boys. Maybe it will just be a first trimester thing like regular people get. Either way, pray my husband and kids survive! 


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