Saturday, September 11, 2010

He Likes to Move it, Move it!

Carson is officially a walker. Its weird to be typing those words. This is a new phenomenon in our house. To have a child go through the normal progression of learning to walk between 13-14 months. Its so exciting for us!

Carson started taking steps around his birthday and over the last 2 months has progressed from 5-6 at a time, to 20 at a time, to now walking all over the house! It's insane! He absolutely loves to walk around, pick things up and put them back down. I think we get most excited when we see him go down into a deep squat and get something, or even just squat down and stay there. This is something that unfortunately, Brody still can not do. So its something we knew to watch for with Carson. And it looks like he's doing great!

We made a fun little video set to music of Carson walking around the house. Warning: We realize that not everyone will think this is as cute as we do. Its only 4 minutes long but we won't be offended if you don't watch the whole thing. This is more for the grandparents and those that are as excited as we are about Car-Baby taking off!


  1. I am sure you are not surprised to hear that Aunt Andrea and Uncle Trent watched the entire video. Have you considered giving your kids godparents?

    We're just saying...

  2. I love the video! You are going to have to show me how to do the whole music to it. Way to go Carson! Larra, he is doing awesome!!


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