Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2010 Zoo Trip

We decided to head to the Waco zoo last Tuesday with Mimi. Brody loves animals and this year actually knows what things are so we thought he'd enjoy getting to go see some of them for real. Although Carson has no idea what anything is, we knew he'd be happy just getting to ride around outside in the stroller.

We got there soon after it opened so that it was still cool and hopefully animals would be out. What we didn't know was that it was "habitat work day." As in the day that half of the animals are back in the back somewhere while the workers clean and work on the cages, habitats, etc. It wasn't on the calendar. I'm thinking they should let people know these things. So we made the best of it and Brody got excited about the animals he did get to see. Brody's favorites were the rhino, giraffe and the fish. At least that's the favorites he says today. Tomorrow it may be the huge turtle (although he was terrified of it) and the lion. We were really sad that the otters weren't out because they have a slide that goes through the otter habitat and they are swimming above you. Brody asked for the otters the entire we had to buy a souvenir otter in the gift shop that he now sleeps with every night.

These were really close to us and Brody wasn't sure about them.
This is his opinion of the turtles.
Cute little Carson Butterfly.
Brody has this new aversion to pictures being taken of him so he refused this one.
They both loved the aquariums and kept pointing at everything.
Had to make sure we got a picture of Nemo.
And Dori. She really was the right color blue but my flash made her turquoise.
Brody in the Tee-Pee.
I caught him in a smile only because he was playing and happened to turn around excited.
*To the right of this tee-pee were the buffalo. When Brody was telling Matt about his trip to the zoo, he told him that monkeys were riding on the backs of the buffalo. What a nut!
We all loved the giraffe.
Carson's first horse back riding experience. 
He actually really enjoyed this although the photo doesn't appear that way. He was coming out of a laugh and had a funny face.

Caught him while he wasn't looking


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