Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My "House Showing" Routine

As you know, our house is on the market. Frankly, its been on the market a little longer than we expected or planned on. But we're being patient. Maybe God is holding our house for the right family. Or he's waiting until the right house for our family is on the market. Who knows. But whatever the reason, we're waiting patiently.

When we first put it on the market, I kept hearing "You have to keep your house spotless at all times." I thought "No problem. I'll be motivated bc I want it to sell." Well, by day 3 when we had no calls, that thought went right out the window. I realized that we still had to live in our home. My children had to be able to play with their toys. And we had to be able to wear clothes and wash them. We couldn't keep the same clothes on for days just to prevent laundry from piling up. And cooking was a necessity as well. We can't afford to eat out every night.

So, a new plan had to be devised. And that plan is called "When a realtor calls, just go into panic mode and clean as fast as possible." Fortunately, I've never had to actually act on my plan. Every single call has been well in advance. Usually for the next morning. Or they call in the morning to see it in the evening. So it left me plenty of time to get things picked up. Until today.

Today I get to put the plan into action. I got the call at 2pm to show the house at 5pm. Panic set in fast. Its not like we live like slobs. But today of all days, the boys and I had rearranged the living room furniture to make a big fort. And last night was the night that I chose to just rinse the dishes after dinner and leave them all in the sink to wash today. So while the boys are sleeping, I'm cleaning like a crazy person. My Bird of Paradise Circle E Candle is lit and will remain so until we leave at 4:45 so that it smells yummy when they come in. There are piles forming by the boys' bedroom doors of things that need to be put away in there once they wake up.

Its been 40 minutes and I'm kind of at a standstill. I've cleaned all I can clean until they wake up. I need the broom and mop from Carson's room. Puzzles and books just happened to throw up all over Brody's room, thanks to little brother. I'm sure the boys will choose today to sleep til 4:30 and leave me no time to finish everything up.

I have a special feeling about this showing. I think this could be the one. Its not a word from the Lord. Just a gut feeling. Maybe bc I'm working last minute to get it all ready. But, I've had gut feelings before that didn't pan out. So maybe I'm wrong. Guess we'll have to see.

Who could resist buying a house that smells as good as mine does right now?

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  1. 1. you are welcome for the circle e candle. trent and i wanted to make our contribution in helping you sell that cute house.

    2. i was sorta judging you for being stressed but having time to blog. :)

    3. i hope it goes well!!!


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