Monday, April 5, 2010

Funny Brody Story

*Just a little background: when Brody is allowed to have TV time, he calls it a show.

Our boys are both sick..have been for weeks. They just can't seem to get over all this junk. So yesterday, of course was Easter Sunday. We were driving in from my parents house to be at our church. We knew Carson had been feeling bad, running high fever and was really really congested. So we were planning on bringing him into service with us. Well, during the drive, I noticed that Brody seemed a little out of it. And of course, he had fever too and soon the nasty coughing started. So, we realized neither of our kids could go in the preschool that morning. We decided no biggie, we'll just sit upstairs and watch it on the screen so that our kids don't disturb everyone. There was only one other person up there and it was because his daughter was sick too. So it was perfect. 

We made it through worship and Brody even sat and listened to Butch preach for a while. We brought some toys in but he didn't seem interested in those and just let Carson play. Soon, I realized that his diaper was REALLY dirty and had to be changed. I took him out to one of the classrooms upstairs and as I was changing his diaper he told me. "No more show! No more show!" I said "what?" "No show," he said again. Soon, I realized that he did not like the "show" were watching. You know, the "show" with Butch preaching about Christ's resurrection. It was hilarious. He thought we were watching a show on that big screen and he didn't think it was quite entertaining enough. It was precious. 

I'm sure stories like these aren't as funny when you weren't there or couldn't hear his little voice. But still, to me, it was stinking funny. 


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