Monday, November 2, 2009

October {In Photos}

This is a long post with lots of photos...just warning you. Enjoy!

Matt and his boys while watching the TAMU vs Arkansas game.
(We try to block that game from memory.)

The next group of photos are from the day we went to the Florida vs LSU game. We get asked a lot why we are Florida fans. Most people just assume we jumped on the bandwagon bc they are so good, Tim Tebow, etc. So let me explain...My mom and her family are from Florida. My grandfather graduated from Florida. So I grew up a Gator. The same way that we will raise our children and grandchildren to love the Aggies since we are Alumni, I was raised to love the Gators. So we are real Gator fans :) My mom's uncle got us tickets to this year's LSU game since it was in Baton Rouge and only a 3 hour drive from my grandparent's house.

Aunt Nikki and Me

 Little Gator Fans
Logan, Macy and Brody playing

Nikki's kids in their Tebow Jersesies.. Macy, Madisyn and Logan

Me and my honey

Our group doing "The Chomp" before heading to the game.
And that's all the pics from that day. We knew LSU fans are CRAZY so I wasn't bringing my camera in case some drunken frat boy trampled my bag during the game.

You know Brody loves cars...and then his how he parks them. In a nice row. Sometimes they are even lined up by size.

Brody "helping" his brother. Apparently he thought Carson needed his paci.

Look at this cute smile. It makes my day.

They love each other. And yes, Carson has a mohawk.

All my boys this past Saturday, Oct 31 before the Ags BTHO Iowa State.

Sorry I don't have a pic from the Rockin Fall Fest. The one I have won't upload for some odd reason.

October was a fun month. Looking forward to some fall photos in November.


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