Friday, November 20, 2009

Brody Walking Update

This past Wednesday, we went to TX Children's Hospital in Houston to see a pediatric orthopaedic specialist. A few weeks ago, Brody's physical therapist recommended that we get his hips x-rayed and checked out by a specialist to make sure there was nothing going on that couldn't be fixed with therapy or to see if there's a certain type of therapy we should be doing. He was making great progress, but she was concerned with how spread out his legs were when he walked. So, we set up the appt at TX Children's and were soo glad to get in as early as we did. Usually its a couple of months at least and we were able to get in within 3 weeks.

So, Wednesday morning, at 7:40 am, we had an appt. Let me tell you, this place is legit. We checked in and were in a room before our appt time. Within a few minutes, they already had us down at x-ray before we even saw the dr. A short time after that, we saw a nurse practioner (who was an AGGIE!) who got all the scoop on Brody and did a preliminary exam before we saw the doc. Not long after, Dr. Rosenfeld came and checked him over. He pulled the x-rays up on the computer and spent a long time with us just watching him walk, examining his legs, hips, joints, etc and asking us a lot of questions. So..the end result...Brody has nothing wrong with him structurally. His bones, joints, legs, hips, muscles, etc all look fine. He said that he is a little "knot kneed" and that makes him tend to roll in on his ankles a little bit. He said most kids his age are slightly like this, but Brody's is just exaggerated, but is not a major concern. He said he just walked late and walks funny and in his opinion, he will probably just slowly get better as he gets more practice walking. He did say that he wants to double check and make sure there is nothing neurological going on that caused him to walk so late and is making him walk funny. There's a slight chance that his brain isn't sending the right signals to his legs which could be causing the weird way he walks. It can take like 6 months to get into a neurologist. So instead, we're going to see a physical medicine dr in December who can do all the same tests and is just as capable of determining if there are any neurological problems causing his delayed and abnormal walking. The dr didn't seem to think that this was the case, but he also wanted to be very thorough and to make sure that we don't overlook anything. And we really appreciated that. We believe that he is completely fine and will be walking normal in no time. But we are very glad that he wants to check all possibilities.

So, great news from the doctor! Thanks to everyone who has been praying these last few months. He has seriously made tons of progress. Please continue to pray that he gets even better at it and that the neurological tests in December come back completely normal.

I'll leave you with a sweet pic of my boys. Brody wanted to "go nigh-nigh" with Carson. (This lasted all of about 2 minutes.)


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