Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Day in the Life

Here are some photos of the sweet faces and things I see everyday. A little glimpse into our days around the house.

"Brody, don't drive the car on your brother."

We do puzzles...a lot. Brody is a pro now.

My little Who from Whoville.

Precious baby feet.

Very busy little feet.

Sweet baby thighs.
Pudgy little hands

We play with LOTS of cars. All day.

And mama steps on a lot of cars.

We have unhappy moments.

And sweet smiley moments.

"Brody, don't lay on your brother."

As you can see, I stay very busy with these two. Brody loves to have playmates these days. He wants someone to color, drive or throw the ball with him constantly. I can't wait for Carson to be old enough to be his best friend and playmate. But until then, I don't mind filling in :) But when Daddy gets home at night, Brody wants no one but him. He could wrestle, tickle and play for hours with his daddy. Carson is really starting to love his brother. When Brody doesn't know I'm watching, I see him sitting just talking to Carson and Carson just smiles at him. I think they understand each other.


  1. Well I have to say this is my favorite post sweet! I love how captured those sweet special moments...I love you and am so proud of you...such a wonderful mommy and woman of God!

  2. Sweet boys. I need some of these pics. We cant wait for next weekend. Love you! Papa and niña


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