Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Because I'm Just So Cute

I decided it was time for another Brody picture post. He's hilarious these days. So here goes...

Carrot facial hair. Doesn't it look like a little goatee and beard?

Little Slugger
(there's a lot of these bc he was just so cute in the baseball hat!)

Big Boy with my sippy cup

Practicing sitting up...we're ALMOST there!

Momma's little helper.
He loves to sit in his new table top high chair and play while mommy does work on the computer.


  1. Those pictures with the baseball hat made me think "He looks just like Matt." Matt used to wear a baseball cap ALL THE TIME. (And still does!) Thanks for the precious pictures. Looks like he's getting ready for Little League already!

  2. So cute! We need to get together so I can see Brody again and maybe watch some Olympics?!?

  3. He reminds me so much of the big baby picture of Matt. What a cutie.


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