Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who's that Handsome Boy?


Oh, that's right..It's our sweet Brody! I know, I know..every mom thinks their child is the most beautiful child in the world. And its true...they are, right mothers? Brody had an "official" photo shoot today...I try to do one every couple of months but sometimes they don't always turn out so great. He's finally at the age where his little personality comes out in the camera...if I catch him in the right mood. Today I started shooting right after his nap when he's in his best mood. He was soo cooperative and laughed, and smiled and was a total ham. It was great. Here are just a couple of my faves. So should I do like all my friends do and pass out wallets of him? I mean, I love it when I get pics of your children...but would anyone even care as much as I do about having a pic of him? Anyways, here are a few that I love.







  1. I just love my little friend! The first pic is hilarious. It's totally Brody as I saw him last week. The second one is my FAVORITE! It's sooooo sweet. I would totally put a picture of your precious child on my fridge --his birth announcement pic is still there. Love you and your handsome boy.

  2. Oh my goodness Larra, these are the best! I need to see you and him (and Matt of course) soon! Whenever I do have kids, you are going to be their official photographer!


  3. Mimi loves them ALL! Yes, I need copies for my little brag book I keep in my purse. Can't wait!

  4. Love Cute little Brody's shoot. I love #1,2 & 5. They are so cute and so is he :)

  5. These are wonderful photos! I love the 1st one the best. What a sweet boy!!

  6. Okay, so auntie la loves them all! My nephew is soooooo adorable!! If I am voting on the top two out of these, then the first and fourth one are my faves! I love the 5th too with the super cute feet! So really all of them are awesome! Can't wait to see him again and you guys too!


  7. Oh that first one is hilarious! What a cute sweet little smile! :)

  8. he is so cute!!!!!!!!!! miss you!!!!!


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