Monday, May 21, 2012

phone photos

Since I haven't posted in 2 months, and I have so much I SHOULD post but don't have time, I thought I'd at least do a phone photo post. We finally have phones that take decent pictures and videos, so we seem to have a lot more photos of the kids lately. These are over the last few weeks....

 Still won't pull those knees under him to crawl...
 Mommy and Brooksy playing with instagram
 Brody and Carson playing in the water toys

Practicing with his water cup

 One of MANY attempts to get a photo of the 3 of them..and this is the best we got.

New haircuts..and boy did they need them.
 Brody, Carson and Cole enjoying the water at our Mother's Day lunch.

 How we found Brody while he was he supposed to be in timeout.

You must were a cowboy hat while eating cowboy stew.

This big guy decided this week that pacifiers AND bottles weren't all that bad. Oh how happy this makes Mommy!!

New hats for the summer. 
Brody, of course, chose the Aggie hat like Daddy. And Carson had to be different.
 Do we have a future skater boy on our hands?

 An evening at the park. Great exercise for Brody!
 Carson playing peek-a-boo with Brooks.


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