Thursday, December 15, 2011

a little bit of november and december...

we still haven't finished all of our Christmas celebrations..we are headed to my parents' this weekend. so i'll do Christmas posts next week once its all wrapped up.

 life is crazy, as always. so adding the holiday "hustle and bustle" only adds more to our life. if only the world would slow down to truly celebrate Christ this season...and i'm preaching to myself too! in november, i had a plan. this year, i was going to be done decorating and gift shopping by december 1 so that we could slow down and truly reflect on the gift of Christ for the entire month of december without the distractions of needing to buy gifts, etc..and not only did i utterly fail by having it done by december 1, but i was still shopping 3 days before Christmas. i only had a handful of gifts to buy this year, and i still couldn't get it all done before the week before christmas. did you know that its hard to take two children shopping, and its 10 times harder to take three??!! so my shopping trips were in quick spurts. and if i didn't already have a specific item to go buy, forget it. there is no "looking around, getting ideas, oh maybe they'd like this." its i came for "this" and i'm out of here before brooks needs to eat, brody needs to potty, carson wants to go to "chick a way" and before all three combined start fussing because i couldn't meet all those needs at that exact moment. so you see, life is crazy. but in a good, normal, mom of 3 boys kind of way.
so here's a little of our life over the last month...

 he's just cute 

 matt intricately placing the lights on the tree. this took 1 1/2 days.

 i adore my mantle and stockings. 

 Carson placing the star on the tree...

 Brody placing the star on the tree...

Matt correctly placing the star on the tree.

 Carson was ALL ABOUT decorating the tree...or should I say..decorating one branch.

 Watch the progression...

I think this one branch had about 10 ornaments once he was done with it.

 Brody liked decorating the back of the tree.

 Dre-Drea stopped by during the process

A couple of my fave ornaments....

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  1. I could just stare at your cutie kids for hours. Precious.

    Also, I love the progression of the ornaments. The worst part was that I was totally digging the idea, I think he's onto something.


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