Friday, August 7, 2009

Life with 2 Under 2

Carson has been here for 3 weeks now. Before I had him, I had this picture in my mind of what life would be like with 2 children under 2. I thought it would be hectic all day, I'd be exhausted and just ready to collapse when Matt got home each night. However, I'm so happy to say that it has not been like that at all. Matt was off the first week and my mom was here most of the second week, so this week has really been my first week alone. And it really hasn't been bad at all. There's been moments when I was a little overwhelmed because Brody wouldn't take a nap or Carson was crying because of gas troubles. And its hard to keep Brody off of Carson when he's in his bouncy seat. But overall, I feel like we are adjusting well. I do realize that right now Carson sleeps a lot and that in a couple of weeks when he's awake more during the day, things may change. I guess I'll adapt and figure it out when it gets here.

Carson is already changing so much. When he was first born, everyone said he looked like Brody. And he still does. But when his eyes are wide open, he definitely has his own look. I feel like he's looking less like Brody each day. He slept through the night last night! I was shocked. I kept waking up to see if I just didn't hear him crying, even though he's right next to my bed! It felt great to get a good night's sleep. I'm just trying not to get my hopes up that it will last. He is such a great eater and pretty laid back, as long as his tummy doesn't hurt. Speaking of his tummy hurting...last night Trent and Andrea brought us dinner and hung out. Carson was pretty fussy and we couldn't really make him happy. I had finally gotten him settled down and we were enjoying adult conversation. All of a sudden I see the face...and I hear the rumbling. Carson is filling his diaper BIG TIME! We all laughed and I said something like "well now you must feel better." And we went on with our chat. A few minutes later I went to adjust Carson in my arms and felt something wet. Oh yes, he had pooped all over himself and me. I couldn't really get up from the couch while holding him so I passed him off to poor Andrea, who then got poop on her. It was quite a mess. Andrea and I had to go clean up the baby and ourselves..and I noticed that Matt and Trent gladly let us handle this by ourselves. Thanks guys! After a night at our house, I think the future Mr. and Mrs. Buck will wait quite a while before having kids!

Brody is adjusting well. He loves him so much. When he hears him crying he says "Bubba." Sometimes he says "Bubba cy-in"...its so cute! Some mornings he even wakes up asking for him. These days Brody is really learning to communicate with us. We can't ALWAYS understand what he's trying to say..but he tries so hard. He's learned "No." He hasn't told us no out of disobedience yet, but he knows how to say "no no" when he doesn't want something to eat. He even says it to himself when he knows he shouldn't touch something. He tries to repeat things that we say like Go Aggies and Gig Em. Its quite funny because it sounds nothing like the right thing, but he tries! He also loves to count. He will take our finger and point to things in his counting books and wait for us to count them. He even counts before he throws a ball or does a "trick" like rolling on the floor. It comes out as "et, et, et GO!" That's supposed to be "1, 2, 3 GO!" Oh, and he's also quite a good little pitcher. He and Matt play baseball almost every night in the living room and he throws quite well to Matt, who has the bat. Brody never wants to bat though. He's quite a character and keeps us laughing all the time.

Well, I think that's about all that's going on with us. I'll leave you with a few pics!

Meeting Uncle Brent and Cole for the first time.

Brody was very angry that we were trying to encourage him to walk!

Carson's first real bath

Carson was in his crib crying so he need to go check on him.

He likes his tummy

He didn't understand that Bubba was sleeping and he couldn't go mess with him.
(yes, he has yogurt on his face.)

He likes to snuggle sometimes

This is what Brody does everytime Carson is in his chair..he laughs and pokes at him.

Such a HAM!

Andrea loving on him, BEFORE the poop explosion. And if there was any on her sweater, you couldn't tell bc it was the same color! Not saying your sweater looks like baby poo, Andrea!


  1. i love your boys. i would let carson poop on me every day. he is too cute. :)

    let's make dinner dates a regular thing. y'all are one of our favorite

    lastly, hope group recruitment...let's get started soon. hehe.

  2. oh my! so funny! it is all you can do is laugh when cute, adorable babies poo on you! :)

    you are a great friend, andrea, to let my nephew poo on you! it is one thing when it is your child, you kinda expect it once in awhile! haha.

  3. LA: I guess I had to tell myself it was cute that time Cole pooped on me :)

    Larra: Carson is such a cutie and it looks like Brody is being a sweet big brother! I love all that hair!


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