Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lots of Firsts

Ok, this might be a really long post. I have lots to update..finally! Brody has had a lot of "firsts" the last few days! So I'll get right to it!

First of all, the SNOW! Hello, is this Texas? Well, yes, its perfect proof of the crazy weather in Texas. Because it POURED snow Wednesday..and will be in the 70s next week. Typical. It was so much fun though! We felt like we were on vacation!

Our Front Yard

Our Backyard

Trying to drive!

Brody and Matt getting snowed on

Snowball Matt's Snowman

Brody also had his first haircut on Wednesday. His hair wasn't outrageously long, but definitely needed a trim. He was such a big boy! He didn't even notice what Mrs. Amy was doing because he was soo interested in the bright pink brush!

Brody and Mrs. Amy

And here are just some photos with a couple other "firsts."

First fort with Daddy

First Spaghetti

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  1. Okay, okay, I LOVE your snow pictures, and your cute pictures of Brody. but I want another update. Sorry, I know thats not fair... I dont even have a blog, but I check yours all the time! Hope you are feeling better! I dont know if you heard but I'm pregnant! Im just 8 weeks right now. Anyways, miss you, hope to see you soon Palermo Family!


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