Friday, September 12, 2008

It's that Time...AGAIN!

This time it looks like Ike is going to have a major impact on Bryan/College Station. We're doing all we can to get ready without going overboard and being too paranoid. Can you be too paranoid when the forecasters are saying we are going to have strong winds, tons of rain, flooding and tornadoes? We have food, water, candles and flashlights. All of our patio furniture is in the garage. We will fill the bathtubs with water so we can flush our toilets and give our baby a sponge bath. We might not even sleep in our bedroom tonight since we have a huge sliding glass door in there. I just want to snuggle with my husband and baby so we can all stay safe.

It looks like Galveston is going to get hit HARD! Keep the residents in your prayers..hopefully most of them have evacuated. But pray they have homes to come back to.

My family in the Beaumont area decided not to evacuate this time. I think everyone has "hurricane fatigue." Plus, their county wasn't under mandatory evacuation this time. Please pray for their safety as they ride this one out.

Also, pray for our dear friends the Kramers. They have an amazing "grass-fed" farm that is up and coming. Like Lynsey said on their blog, what do you even do with a herd of cattle, a bunch of pigs, chickens and more! You can't just haul them into your bathroom with you while your hunkered down in the tub. (I am just picturing Jason doing this and it's cracking me up!)

Everyone stay safe!

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  1. Thanks for the prayers friend! I will be praying for you guys too! I was also wondering what your family was going to do this time. Poor things. I bet they feel like they are evacuees every other week nowadays. Praying and loving you guys!



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