Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our Little Nugget

That's what I call him anyways. He's already got a couple of nicknames...little nugget and Brodster (Uncle Charlie gave him that one) are the main ones I can think of.

He has changed sooo much just in the last couple of weeks. He is learning so much...his little personality is really coming out. Here's some pics to describe the new, exciting things he's discovering in this big ol' world!

His toys...he's learning to prop up on his mini boppy tummy time toy and play with the toys in front. And he's FINALLY enjoying his gym..he'll lay there for a little while and laugh at the musical star..until it stops, and then mom and dad have to go turn it back on (kind of annoying).

His tongue. He's started to stick it out a lot on his own, as well as when Matt sticks his out at him. It's too cute!

And finally...his favorite thing EVER. He's just discovered this amazing things in the last week or so..and he's OBSESSED. It's better than anything mommy and daddy could give him. He could play with this awesome gift for hours.

Waiting in suspense??

Here it is...

His hands! He stares at them like they are his best friends! Twirling his fingers around and grabbing them..its so cute. He is so mesmerized by them. I don't know if he knows they belong to him or not. Sometimes he seems confused that when he's holding one of his hands, and then pulls it away, that there's not still something in his other hand. (Did that make any sense?)
And of course they always make a great snack when he's done staring. Sometimes when he's "supposed" to be napping, I'll hear him on the monitor just smacking away at them. Sometimes he'd much rather his fist than his paci. I'm glad he found them because he's learning how to soothe himself on his own with them. Not a thumb sucker, but a fist sucker.

I'm really falling behind on the pictures. I need to take some more of him and get a new slide show up! He changes every day..we don't want to miss a beat!


  1. We love our little Brodster!

    He's starting to look a lot more like his Mommy! What a good little mix he is...I feel lik I just called him a "mutt".

  2. He is perfect! Super precious! I hope you had an amazing first Mother's Day! I love you!

  3. He is perfect! Super precious! I hope you had an amazing first Mother's Day! I love you!


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