Monday, February 4, 2008

My Baby's Growing Up...

This may seem silly to all of you other mothers out there..and you may be shocked that this is a first time occurance in our house...don't judge me.

We always nap together...I'm just as tired as he is. Or he naps in his bouncy seat in the living room. I'm never more than a few feet away from him. I just want to be snuggling with him all day.

But today, we reached a milestone. But not on was all by accident. I was changing his diaper, and out of nowhere...he pooped all over my hand. It was quite a mess. After wiping my hand off with a baby wipe, I had to put him somewhere so I could clean up the mess. I layed him in his crib. After cleaning the mess and scrubbing my hands in the bathroom, I went to get him...and this is what I saw.

As much as I wanted to scoop him up, I couldn't bring myself to do it. He looked so comfortable and like he belonged there. Does this mean he WANTS to sleep in his crib during the day? I know that I would be so much more productive during the day if I would give in and let him. But I just hate when he's out of my sight. I'm still so protective of him. I know there's a time I'll be begging for him to take a nap so I can get things done. But not yet..I'm not ready yet.


  1. I am going to be exactly the same way when we finally have a baby! I say do what you think you should do, if you aren't ready to let him be in his crib alone, I think it's fine, I'm not a mother yet, but I that's my take on it! He is adorable! I love him and can't wait to meet him! I love his mommy too and miss her so much!

  2. To each her own... It's YOUR baby. Yours:) I don't think it's necessarily him saying he wants to sleep in his crib (esp if you say he sleeps with you and in other places during the day)...I think it actually means you've got a pretty comfortable home and he feels relaxed in every bit of it! Way to go having a baby that's content to sleep wherever because his mommy loves him!

  3. Sleep with him a TON now...that's my advice b/c there will be a day when he may still want to snuggle next to you...but you put him in his crib b/c he tosses and turns and you and Matt aren't getting any sleep!

    I think it's sweet to snuggle that baby as much as you can...especially now! There's no such thing as spoiling him this young!

  4. How sweet! You can't spoil them until they are at least 3 months......wink, wink!

    All first time moms spoil their first. It is just what we do best.

    Oh, and just think- he would still be in your belly right now for another 11 days so snuggle all you want to girlfriend!

    p.s. LOVE the announcement. Too cute!

  5. I agree! There is something so incredibly indescribable with the first baby that you need to savor it all in the ways that make you most content as his mom. When Brody is older, he might have siblings that come along and you won't have an option to lay down every time the new baby does and just cuddle. All babies - no matter how many - are incredible and miracles from the Lord, but this is the season to take in every single detail. You'll love every baby just as much, but you won't have this undivided time with them. Dwell in it.

    Melodi Henry


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