Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Britney, A Belly, & A House

I never thought I would be a once a month original intention was to update at least once a week. However, as you've all seen, that has not happened. So this might be quite a long post since I haven't updated since Oct 28. Not a lot has happened in the last month, but I have pictures!
For Halloween we struggled on what to dress up as. We wanted to incorporate baby Brody in our costume. What we came up with..well..quite ridiculous haha.

Yes, we were Britney and K-Fed.

Belly Shot

(28 Weeks)

House Update

I've been promising pictures of our new house for the last 3 months. We finally finished construction on our 3rd bedroom/study and have ALMOST the whole house organized. We still have a few pictures to hang, etc but for the most part..its done.

Here is the conversion of our garage to a bedroom. Thank you to Lance and Blake (matt's cousins) for their awesome work! If you need a carpenter, let us know! We will give you his contact info!



And we can't forget the faithful family and friends who helped with the painting and tiling. Larra's parents (Larry & Tina), Matt's parents (Allen & Dena), Larra's sis Shelley, Leigh Ann, and Charlie. I hope I'm not forgetting anyone!!

(Matt and Charlie inspect the progress so far)

(Allen diligently lays the thin-set)

(Shelley, dad, and Matt grouting..the final stages!)

And here are the pics of the rest of the house. We would love to have you awesome people over anytime! well, I take that back..we would love to have you over anytime...after Dec 14. That's when Matt graduates and we're trying to get past that before we make any plans. Things are hectic for him these last couple of weeks. So let's plan something for next year :) Enjoy the house pics..they've been a long time coming!

(3 different angles of the living room)

(dining area)

(guest bathroom)

(our bedroom)

(our bathroom)

(Brody's pretty much empty room)

And that's our house! Seriously..the longest post ever!


  1. Hilarious that yall went with the K-fed and Britney combo:) Your husband looks like he pulled off K-fed very well! HAHA!
    Your belly looks great! I think its like mine this past's poked out a little more, but it's gotten a bit wider and rounder. Yay for baby boys!
    Your house looks awesome. I love the colors and the flooring. Baby Brody is lucky to have such talented decorators as parents!
    Keep the belly shots coming and stop by our blog sometime to see progress on baby Isaac:)

  2. oh oh exciting! It must be so fun to get to have your own house to renovate...I have feeling Jon and I won't experience that for years, seeing as how we are doing the Army thing for Love the house, quite a beautiful transformation since I was there! Ya'll should be so proud:) Love all the pictures!

  3. by the way..we do have a was just a disaster when I was taking all the pics so it didnt make it on the blog.


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